Capo Rizzuto Protected Area

Thanks to the law n° 979 del 1982, in 1991 the Marine Reserve of  Capo Rizzuto was born, which offers the tourist / visitor a crystalline sea, fine sand and wild cliffs, a journey through history myth legend and archeology.

Its management has been part of the Province of Crotone only since few years; covers 13.500 hectares and is spread over 36 km of coastline involving two municipalities: Isola di Capo Rizzato and Crotone; it is divided into two zones, depending on the degree of wealth it retains:

A) Area of ​​integral reserve, divided into two other parts: one immediately south of Capo Colonna, the other towards Capo Cimiti, which cover about 6 km of coastline. In this area access, navigation, bathing and anything that may alter the marine environment below is prohibited. Here the visits are guided and regulated.
B) The other area is called "Riserva Generale", starting from the ground of Crotone, up to the western part of Le Castella covering almost 30 km of coastline. Here, in this area of ​​"Riserva Generale", the limitations are reduced, compared to the "Riserva Integrale" area, and it is also possible to practice standing or towing fishing.

The vegetation is mainly based on citrus groves and vineyards, typical of dry areas, and, oddly enough,
from the growth of the eucalyptus. While the fauna has undergone several changes, but, however, you notice foxes, weasels, lizards, sea turtles and numerous birds, such as the Kingfisher, cranes and storks.

The depths in this area are very low, unlike all the others on the Calabrian coast, except for some rocky areas; just think that the 10-meter isobath is located after about 1 km. The seabed, however, are very rich, with meadows of poseidonia.
The charm of the Marine Protected Area "Capo Rizzuto" is revealed in its submerged paths, in Le Castella, in front of the Aragonese Castle the seabed holds the wreck of a ship of considerable size and a little further away the statues of the underwater nativity scene; to the south, for 400 meters, you can see blocks in processing silos for food storage.
On the shoals of Capo Rizzuto there is the wreck Gunny at a depth of 24 meters, in Cannelle instead lies the wreck "Chico" at a depth of 29 meters.
The underwater world of the Marine Protected Area is characterized by groupers, barracudas that form silver banks in the summer months, and curious parrot fish, in spring dolphins and Caretta Caretta turtles.

The whole area of ​​the reserve is frequently swept by the winds, especially the Grecian and the Tramontana, which by taking across the promontory of Capo Rizzuto, ensure a continuous cleaning of the waters which in some places take the crystalline color typical of tropical seas.


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