Our territory

The territory around the hotel is the most beautiful part of Calabria. Crystalline and pristine sea - Protected Area Capo Rizzuto - with a notable wealth of flora and fauna, cliffs, beaches and beautiful seabeds, without neglecting history, art and culture.

Important testimonies of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Norman, Aragonese civilization from the ancient history of the city of Crotone with the temple of Hera Lacinia in Capo Colonna, the Aragonese castle of Le Castella a fraction of the municipality of Isola di Capo Rizzuto , the medieval villages of Santa Severina with museums and historical residences. Behind, the Sila a mountain area with peaks of 2000 meters, full of woods, lakes and wildlife, just 30 kilometers from the sea.


The Calabrian handicraft has archaic roots, the traditional techniques are still visible: Calabria is one of the few "western" regions, which has not undergone any change from the artistic point of view.  From the hand loom, to the chisel, to the wheel lathe, with the small knife, unique and unrepeatable masterpieces are created with ancient expressions and designs. Sumptuous and monumental beech frames, which under the hands of weavers look like musical instruments.

Today there is still the craftsmanship of wrought iron and copper in Serra San Bruno, for gold and silver in Crotone, glass in Bagnara, wicker and straw in Cosenza, Soriano Calabro, San Giorgio Morgeto, Delianuova, Vibo Valentia, Polistena and Gallico.


Hotel Villaggio S. Antonio organizes fantastic excursions to the sea and the mountains

  • On board the transparent boats it is possible to admire the marvelous sea beds that preserve great treasures of the Magna Graecia culture, to dive to observe the multicolored fish that peek into the immense prairies of Posidonia Oceanica.
  • The guided tours of the Aragonese Castle in the middle of the sea make you relive the medieval life.
  • The mini cruise is ideal for visiting the shores of the Marine Protected Area, taking a dip offshore and tasting our typical Calabrian products.
  • At Capo Colonna you can visit the archaeological site of the Temple of Hera Lacinia, symbol of a glorious past and Greek culture.
  • Just 150 km from the Hotel Villaggio S. Antonio you can find the Sila, the natural park of Calabria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, among clear streams of fresh water, lakes and enchanted valleys, you can enjoy a different day full of relaxation and long walks through the green paths.
  • Horse riding for children and adults
All excursions are available and bookable at the front office, the staff of Hotel Villaggio S. Antonio will be pleased to offer you all the necessary information.


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