1. Arrival on Saturdays with Animation.

2. Routine check-in operations are carried out at the reception (registration and practice balance, documents are mandatory for all family members).

3. Check-in from 5.00 pmCheck-out by 10.00 am, with the possibility of late check-out until 3.00 pm with an extra charge of € 30.00 .

4. Room or Apartment: the guest who arrives before 5.00 pm can carry out the operations described in point 2 and can stay in the common areas of the Village until the keys of the room / apartment are delivered (at 5.00 pm), the management can deliver the room / apartment in advance only in case of availability.

5. Restaurant: arrival with lunch, departure with breakfast; arrival with dinner , departure with lunch; decent and dry clothing needed, the maitre will assign a table for each room, the management reserves the right to do, however, the shifts in the restaurant if the situation requires it; departing guests who are entitled to lunch but intend to leave earlier may request a package lunch the night before and will be delivered to the restaurant during breakfast on the day of departure.

6. At check-in the guests will receive a KEY-CARD, it is a prepaid card for drinks at the bar and for the automatic opening of the entry / exit gate, this card must be returned at the end of the stay with restitution of the deposit.

7. It is allowed to keep the room key for the whole duration of the holiday.

8. Park your car in the parking lots indicated on arrival.

9. The beach can be reached by village shuttle bus, the lifeguard will assign an umbrella and two deckchairs with the room number and will be used for the whole duration of the stay, it is part of the "PROTECTED AREA RISERVA MARINA" is in concession to the Village only for the installation of umbrellas and deckchairs, "Hotel Villaggio S. Antonio" disclaims any responsibility for problems or accidents in the water.

10. The equipment to the sea (canoes and windsurfing) are available to guests and you have to ask the responsible sports animator or lifeguard, the management declines all responsibility for improper use of the equipment especially in water, children can use the equipment only if they are accompanied by their parents.

11. The structure "Hotel Villaggio S.Antonio" is covered by civil insurance.

12. On the general bulletin board next to the reception desk the sea / village shuttle, restaurant, swimming pool and regulations are displayed; The Bar and Reception are open from 8.00 am to 1.00 am.

13. Treatment: the treatment, both for those staying in the rooms, both for those staying in the apartments, is full board; breakfast, lunch, dinner are served buffet with water and wine included, all off-menu requests are considered extra and are subject to charges. It is not allowed to take food or drinks out of the dining room, or bring beverages from the outside. The change of towels is done every other day; on request, with a surcharge, the change can be made every day. The change of bed linen is carried out on Saturday and Wednesday (except for advances or postponements of the housekeeper that will be communicated).

14. Outdoor barbecue or fire are not permitted.

15. At the reception there is a safe service, the management declines all responsibility for objects and things left unattended in the room.

16. Free Wi-Fi in the lobby and bar areas.

17. Small, medium and large sized pets are not accepted

18. NO GLUTEN FREE and various food intolerances.

19. At the reception are available some drugs to treat small illnesses and / or mild hematomas, for more serious problems the tourist doctor is available: 0962-791970 or the nearby emergency room of the Crotone hospital.

20. The pool is equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas but are not assigned to any room or apartment, it is a sign of respect, therefore, do not leave bags, towels and anything else on the deck, the lifeguard is available for any help.

21. The early afternoon hours are for rest and relaxation, respecting everyone, it is good to avoid loud noises.

22. The flowerbeds, the park and the village lawns are not driveways.

23. Waste: use the appropriate containers, both in rooms / apartments and in common places; the structure respects the rules of differentiated waste collection in compliance with municipal regulations, therefore, a civil participation is required for guests to avoid penalties.

24. Deposit: €. 50.00 and includes: any minor damage to the room / apartment and the use of the Key-Card, returnable at the end of stay behind key delivery, TV remote control and key ca5rd.

25. Any other specifications of reductions or additional costs are highlighted in the official price list published on the website in the tariffs section, furthermore this regulation is also traceable on the official website together with the legal notes relating to the tourist package.

26. The reception staff is at your disposal for any further information or clarification of this regulation.

The Management wishes a good stay